Our Claims Philosophy

  ProAdjust guarantee a professional and cost effective service that is driven by highly skilled and experienced professionals with a can do spirit that delivers value for you and your customer.

In serious losses or complex claims, we quickly assemble a serious loss team with specialist knowledge of buildings, plant & machinery, stock and business interruption. We provide daily bulletins right through the early stages of the claim with accurate reserving and concise practical action plans.

What distinguishes us from other firms is our commitment to us experienced adjusters across the board with a job allocation that allows each adjuster sufficient time to deal with the loss in a fair, unhurried, empathetic and equitable manner. The average case load of our adjusters is 30 per month. We are not a high volume producer and we offer surge capacity to our clients by maintaining a strong team of field adjusters with manageable WIP.

Built into our quality system, headed up by our dedicated QA Manager, Joan Kerr ACII, are strict mentoring and authorisation protocols. By way of an example, all repudiations (declined claims) are signed off by a person other than the assigned adjuster.

We constantly rank at the top of audits in customer service; leakage; average claims costs; CPC compliance and SLA performance.

We balance retention savings against 'once & done' settlements where we encourage our adjusters to settle claims at the first opportunity having identified a realistic scope and using prevailing market building rates which are loaded onto the iPads (iPACS) application. Our recovery unit proactively chases meaningful recoveries and our return on claims spend is above market norms.

Complaints are handled by a senior manager with strict guidelines and logged on to our system for independent review / assessment. In the past 3 years we have not lost any case that was signed off for the Ombudsman and all such cases are rigorously stress tested through case conferences with our complaints team.